Colonial Series and FATBOY jr. – Liberty Safe

Colonial Series and FATBOY jr. – Liberty Safe

Next in our core line up is the Colonial and FATBOY jr. safes. Popular for their combined security and upgraded fire protection, the Colonial and FATBOY jr. safes offer nine feature upgrades over the Revere Series.

1. We increase pry resistance by doubling the number of active locking bolts that cover,
2. All four sides of the door, compared to the Revere’s two sides.
3. The Colonials x-cam mechanism helps keeps bolts evenly engaged which also helps prevent door warpage during a hot fire.
4. Fire protection is 60 minutes. That’s 20 minutes more than the Revere. Including three layers of fire-board in the ceiling, door jams and door and two layers in the walls.
5. Colonials are the first series to include our popular economy door panel. People like how pistol pockets, and zip pockets, save shelf space.
6. More choices in gloss colors,
7. Brass hardware,
8. And a camel fabric interior offer variety.
9. Colonials come in three sizes; 23, 30 and the larger 50.

As one of our customers said about the Colonial, “My wife and I feel confident that we purchased the best safe we could afford in the Colonial 30. We look forward to upgrading in the future”.

The #1 selling FATBOY jr. has the same great features as the Colonials and can store a whopping 48 long guns.

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